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Wheston Chancellor Grove

Sometimes you get tired of the books and the lessons.
          You just want to be understood, held at length, laid out—
Your soul made love to through body.
          Sometimes patience needs a good rub-down.

I am.  (Click on  "About" to read My Philosophy on Life in the drop down tab).

          I was born long ago when the bells knelled gently and the pulse of the snare drum lay down its chords with the brothers of this land. This land that has never quite been home to me though I came forth on the western front in the latter part of the twentieth century. I grew up rather alone and during that most critical stage, I formed myself. I live in strange places, stilled silences; others may glance upon them but rarely take stock--the vase on the mantel, shadowbirds at five on a morning long ago, the blue dusk, the wind in the thicket, distant corners. I want to go out in the main street spinning up with the falling leaves, or into some open field, and let peace come gently.



Chancellor's Corner

> Are you currently seeking an individual to tell your story? Something you imagined, a biography, or maybe your memoir? You have an abstract idea of how you want it portrayed, but can't get your teeth around the subject/plot, vantage point, character development or flow of action. Perhaps you don't have the time or you are hoping for a distinct voice. Then again, your manuscript may be sitting on your desk waiting for a fresh perspective--someone objective to comb through, fine tune, and proofread it.

> Has someone close to you, a family member, beloved friend, recently passed away? Do you want a poignant eulogy and/or obituary to commemorate this individual's life, but are at a profound loss; the words are just too many or simply too trite?

> Are you trying to impress a prospective employer or hoping to resign diplomatically, but need the delicate approach?

> Do you have a wonderful essay and/or thesis that's taken you months to consolidate? Are you exhausted from seeing the same lines appear when you close your eyes? Have you stepped away for awhile, but still desire a fresh review?

> Have you been selected to deliver an important speech? Are you worried about its content, length, and making a positive, lasting impression?

> Do you have visual media requiring captions, slogans, or in-depth analysis?

> Have a special event coming up? Are you looking for an experienced, reasonable photographer to capture the 'historic' moment(s) while you live them?

> Are you seeking a traditional portrait of yourself, family, and/or your pet for keepsake and posterity?


If any of these scenarios can be answered affirmatively, I encourage you to contact me.

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